Advantages Of Replacing Your Roof In The Summer

One great advantage of replacing your roof during the summer, is that fitting it will be easier. The winter months can slow things down, due to colder temperatures affecting the materials, causing them to become fragile and difficult to use.


The cold weather can produce higher amounts of moisture in the air, (from sleet, snow, and rain) which can cause materials to potentially get damp, becoming useless. Cracks can also appear, potentially creating more harm to the roof.


Another reason to have work done in the summer, is to reduce the chance of delays. Whilst cold, wet weather can cause timing issues, having the work done in the summer means you’re likely to have a swift outcome. It also means it will be ready for the rest of the year, putting your mind at rest for the wet weather.

It is beneficial energy wise, as a new roof will help with the insulation. A damaged roof through the winter can let heat escape which can cause higher bills. So getting work done in the summer will be cost efficient, call RTBRS for all your Roofing supplies in Rainham. Keep your mind at rest, knowing your home will be protected throughout the year.


Government’s Kickstart Scheme

The NASC (National Access and Scaffolding Confederation) are presenting hundreds of 18-24 year olds opportunities within the scaffolding community through the new scheme launched on the 25th January 2021.


50 contractors within the NASC, have joined the Kickstart Scheme in order to supply work experience to unemployed young adults, a number of the companies being able to take on multiple applicants.


This scheme provides financial aid to employers to develop job opportunities for those on Universal Credit. It encourages those who are job seeking with different circumstances to open up and try new things, particularly in the scaffolding community. It is the employers hope that eventually any triumphant candidates will be able to develop a career in the future. For all your Roofing supplies in Upminster, call us now.


Exciting news as a self-healing water-resistant electronic skin is created

Researches at the National University of Singapore have created a transparent electronic skin which is touch-sensitive, stretchable, and can repair itself in dry, as well as, wet conditions. The researches were inspired by studying jellyfish and the skin created can heal itself when submerged underwater or in the air. There are wide-ranging uses for this novel material, including water-resistant touch screens, as well as being able to mimic biological tissue in the form of soft robots. Roofing material manufacturers are now looking into the benefits this new technology may bring to the roofing Industry in the UK.


UK Roofing can experience some of the harshest weather in Europe

Severe weather events are looking likely to increase in the future due to climate change. This would include droughts, flooding, heatwaves, snowfall as well as severe gales.
A pitched roof, which accounts for around a third of the visible area of a building, is the primary means of protecting a building from the elements.


RTA members believe that the following are important to consider for good quality roof tiles in the UK:

  • Frost resistant
  • Wind and rain resistant
  • Installation standards

This will help to ensure that your roof tiles, associated products, and systems will withstand the UK climate and stay watertight and durable. Call RTBRS for all the latest building and Roofing materials in Rainham and the surrounding areas.