How Important Are Roofing Membranes?

Membranes are used on flat roofs to keep the property underneath protected, as well as keeping the roof space warm and insulated. Membranes also keep water away and deters it away from the building. Generally made from synthetic materials (like imitation rubber) altered bitumen or PVC thermoplastic, they are generally more popular with commercial properties, but they are still a favoured choice for homes.


People tend to opt for membrane roofing rather than the traditional materials used (such as gravel, felt or asphalt), due to the extended longevity. Traditional flat roofs can sometimes leak after a while and need to be looked after more often. Using a membrane is beneficial due to strong seams or even being seamless, which is less likely to leak and can be repaired easily. You also don’t have to worry about the excess weight that traditional flat roofs sometimes have. By choosing membranes, you can be assured that they are visually pleasing, eco-friendly and watertight, giving your flat roof the protection, it needs to keep your home safe. Call RBS for your Roofing materials in Barking.


Why Should You Use Timber?

Choosing timber as a material for roofing is beneficial in several ways. For instance, it’s durable, being made of strong fibres which can cope with high pressure. This means it is great for equally spreading the roof weight away from the building walls. Timber is can be useful for decking, flooring and even footbridges, where a high quality material is needed. This material is also a light weight choice, so it won’t put any stress on the building, whilst also providing support. Timber is an adaptable material that can collaborate with other options depending on the project. It’s also eco-friendly, due to being renewable and constantly available as long as our trees are kept healthy.


Timber is also more financially friendly then other materials, such as steel, due to being natural. This also means the carbon footprint will be smaller, due to less energy being used. The energy efficiency is high quality due to the better thermal ability keeping your home warm. As well as the practical side of things, aesthetically it is a visually pleasing material which can give the building a boost and your own design flair. Call today for all Roofing supplies in Barking.


How To Protect Your Roof During The Winter

When taking care of your home, you should remember to keep an eye on your roof. Quite often this is forgotten until things go wrong, such as growing damp, excess debris in the gutters and leaking. To lower the chance of this happening, proper maintenance of your roof is important, particularly if it’s a newer roof!


When inspecting a roof (throughout the year) there are things to look out for, such as cracks, loose and missing tiles, flashing that has come loose, blocked gutters, clogged drains, damage by animals and general wear and tear. During the winter, we are particularly prone to wet and snowy weather. So if it snows heavily and it lands on your roof, pretty soon that will turn into icy water when it melts. Leaves that have gathered leading up to the winter can obstruct the drains, therefore stopping water flow.


During the winter, trees can be more vulnerable. Their branches can become more brittle and less likely to cope against the elements. It is important that any overhanging branches are kept back and trimmed. If it snows they can get overwhelmed and break, landing on and potentially causing damage and friction to the roof and the tiles. The flashing will need checking too, as it can become loose. Build up of damp can occur if it is left to get worse. Getting this sorted before the weather gets too bitter is important. Although you can keep an eye on your roof, it is best to get a professional to have a look during an inspection each year, to ensure the work done is safe and efficient. Call us for all your Timber supplies in Rainham.


Why Should You Avoid Moss Build Up?

You may look up at your roof and think that it is visually stylish, to have a green roof that has been covered in moss. However problems can develop without you noticing. A minimal amount of moss shouldn’t be too much of an issue but if a lot has appeared this can create damage and hinder any defence against the elements. Damage can cause the roof tiles to keep any water stored for a while, meaning the layers of the tiles can develop issues and damp can develop. Water can soak through the structure, particularly on low pitched roof slopes. Other types of debris can build up in the gutter, such as leaves and pine needles.


In order to keep the roof safe and the gutters free of debris, you should ensure that roof inspections are done regularly. Having a hidden gutter installed and cover flashing can also help protect the roof. If your home has guttering behind the chimney or roof windows, it can get hidden by the trees surrounding them, so these need to be checked and cleaned as soon as possible. Moss, leaves and other mess can unfortunately develop in gutters anyway but by having check ups regularly it can help to prevent it. Other solutions are subtle gutter guards which are easy to install and can prevent obstructions in the pipes and gutters. Unfortunately they can’t stop finer debris from building up. If you keep an eye on your roof and get a professional to check it, then you can prevent issues from developing and keep your roof strong and safe. Call us today for all Roofing materials in Dagenham.


How Can You Spot Roof Damage?

Some common symptoms of roof damage, are damp patches along with leaking, particularly in corners of your home. There will usually be a musty odour along with mould and mildew lingering on the walls. The leak may be mild and not seen at first, especially if the building is ageing. If moss has developed over a period of time, it can cause issues where the water can seep through.


To determine the reason of a leak, you must keep an eye out for cracks and tiles that have moved. This can be due to the bad weather, or simply from wearing away. If tiles have changed shape or come loose, then an expert will take a look and replace them.


Cracks in the roof can allow natural light to sneak through, particularly if the tile needs changing. One way to confirm this is by going to highest area in your house, such as the attic and turning off any lights. If you still see light creeping through, then it is time to contact an expert. By having a professional inspect the roof, they will be able to advise you and any work done will be experienced, thorough and efficient, putting your mind at rest. If you need Roofing supplies in Dagenham, give us a call.


Roofing Trends Of 2021

Nowadays you have more of a choice when it comes to upgrading your roof! For example, roofing that is environmentally friendly. When it comes to the environment we try our best with recycling and less energy consumption.


A way to get your roof involved is to have solar panels fitted. By doing this you can create a renewable source of energy. Solar power is becoming a popular option and can raise the value of your home, due to potential buyers looking to buy a house with this feature. If you don’t want solar panels then there are other ways to be environmentally friendly, such as tiles that use recycled materials such as rubber, clay and plastic.


Quite often property owners use paler colours for their roof, opting for pale grey or beige. This can be simply due to trends changing, as nowadays new builds tend to use these colours rather than the usual slate material. However this could also be due to bad weather making the tiles worn, and the sun fading the tiles colour. With this in mind, if you’re going to invest in a new roof then a pale colour from the start is a good choice. If you’re still concerned about the bad weather affecting your roof and want something more robust, you could consider concrete tiles.


Another trend is to mix up the colours of the tiles. By having either mixed colours, or the same colour but mixed tones, it will give your roof an interesting and aesthetically pleasing look, which should catch the eye of anyone walking past. For the best prices on Roofing supplies in Rainham call RTBRS today.


Advantages Of Replacing Your Roof In The Summer

One great advantage of replacing your roof during the summer, is that fitting it will be easier. The winter months can slow things down, due to colder temperatures affecting the materials, causing them to become fragile and difficult to use.


The cold weather can produce higher amounts of moisture in the air, (from sleet, snow, and rain) which can cause materials to potentially get damp, becoming useless. Cracks can also appear, potentially creating more harm to the roof.


Another reason to have work done in the summer, is to reduce the chance of delays. Whilst cold, wet weather can cause timing issues, having the work done in the summer means you’re likely to have a swift outcome. It also means it will be ready for the rest of the year, putting your mind at rest for the wet weather.
It is beneficial energy wise, as a new roof will help with the insulation. A damaged roof through the winter can let heat escape which can cause higher bills. So getting work done in the summer will be cost efficient, call RTBRS for all your Roofing supplies in Rainham. Keep your mind at rest, knowing your home will be protected throughout the year.


Government’s Kickstart Scheme

The NASC (National Access and Scaffolding Confederation) are presenting hundreds of 18-24 year olds opportunities within the scaffolding community through the new scheme launched on the 25th January 2021.


50 contractors within the NASC, have joined the Kickstart Scheme in order to supply work experience to unemployed young adults, a number of the companies being able to take on multiple applicants.


This scheme provides financial aid to employers to develop job opportunities for those on Universal Credit. It encourages those who are job seeking with different circumstances to open up and try new things, particularly in the scaffolding community. It is the employers hope that eventually any triumphant candidates will be able to develop a career in the future. For all your Roofing supplies in Upminster, call us now.


Exciting news as a self-healing water-resistant electronic skin is created

Researches at the National University of Singapore have created a transparent electronic skin which is touch-sensitive, stretchable, and can repair itself in dry, as well as, wet conditions. The researches were inspired by studying jellyfish and the skin created can heal itself when submerged underwater or in the air. There are wide-ranging uses for this novel material, including water-resistant touch screens, as well as being able to mimic biological tissue in the form of soft robots. Roofing material manufacturers are now looking into the benefits this new technology may bring to the roofing Industry in the UK.


UK Roofing can experience some of the harshest weather in Europe

Severe weather events are looking likely to increase in the future due to climate change. This would include droughts, flooding, heatwaves, snowfall as well as severe gales.
A pitched roof, which accounts for around a third of the visible area of a building, is the primary means of protecting a building from the elements.


RTA members believe that the following are important to consider for good quality roof tiles in the UK:

  • Frost resistant
  • Wind and rain resistant
  • Installation standards

This will help to ensure that your roof tiles, associated products, and systems will withstand the UK climate and stay watertight and durable. Call RTBRS for all the latest building and Roofing materials in Rainham and the surrounding areas.